Trogdor Lantern
Trogdor Lantern
20 year old guy from Australia, I like things and stuff. mostly Doctor Who.
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Eva Kay at JAG Models by Heather Hazzan

Tonight we fight. And when the sun rises, I promise you, Castle Black will stand! The Night’s Watch will stand.

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Bill Murray on the Late Show through the years.

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Kanto Illustrations #050 - 073 - Created by Piper Thibodeau

Piper’s fantastic series to illustrate the entire Pokedex marches on, and here is the latest installment! As usual, Piper’s take on each Pokemon is fun, creative, and delightfully well executed. Be sure to follow along on Tumblr or Twitter for all the latest updates.

You can also check out #001 - 026 here or #027 - 049 here.

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